Ghateau Profile

Chateau State Guest sits in Penglai City, Shandong Province, which is reputed to be a wine city in China and a grape coast in the world. In Penglai wine city, Chateau State Guest stands out from the rest of the vineyards by virtue of broad and profound cultural concept and distinctive architectural style.

China was in its heyday in the Tang Dynasty and Tang symbolizes Chinese people. It is well-known that wine gained popularity in flouring Tang Dynasty. Emperor Li Shimin led and stationed his troops in Penglai City and disseminated wine culture there and vineyards in Grand Tang Emperor Valley are a legacy bequeathed by Emperor Li Shimin.

Grand Tang Emperor Valley covers a planning area of 40 square kilometers and is committed to building it into a vineyard expo and China’s largest winery clusters integrating business, tourism, accommodation, restaurants and entertainment by developing 40,000 mu vineyards (1mu=666.7 square meters) and constructing hundreds of wineries.

As the ground breaking work of winery clusters in Grand Tang Emperor Valley, C, with an area of over 50 mu, invests RMB 180 million in a winery and wine theme hotel. Grand Tang Wine and other wines from the world and the wine theme hotel showcases wine culture and history and oozes wine charm.

Chateau State Guest is the first Chinese winery of Tang Dynasty Style in the world, which inherits and disseminates traditional culture and integrates Chinese and western wine culture. Board Chairman Liu Changting commented, “