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The Wine unveiled 2017 Penglai (Hangzhou) city image promotion and investment promotion

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On the side of the Qian Tang River, on the edge of the West Lake, the "earthly fairyland" met the "paradise on earth".
In November 13th, the "fairyland - booming future" 2017 Penglai (Hangzhou) city image promotion and investment talent recruitment will be held in Hangzhou, Penglai tourism image and brand Wine region tour debut.
Penglai sends a warm invitation to Hangzhou. Welcome Hangzhou and surrounding enterprises and talents to Penglai innovation and entrepreneurship, to Penglai fairyland, fine wine and beautiful scenery, and experience the leisure and romance of "fairyland on earth". The conference attracted a large number of large state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, industry leading enterprises, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and the surrounding area chamber of Commerce Association, and high-level experts and talents and so on, a total of more than 200 people.
The wine industry, as a hundred years of city industry in our city, has become the key play of this promotion. The industrial promotion is divided into the introduction of Penglai wine industry, the introduction of wine representative products in Penglai, wine appreciation and interaction and other links, attracting the participation of wine distributors and wine entrepreneurs in the Yangtze River Delta and surrounding areas.
As Deputy Secretary of Penglai Municipal Committee, Penglai Municipal People's government, mayor Yang Shengyan and Liu Changting jointly Jinyu group to participate in the special grape industry will promote the introduction of guests, tasting Wine Tang Tang Wine.
In the wine appreciation activities, many excellent boutique coastal wines were unveiled in the Tang Dynasty, so that guests can appreciate the "Penglai flavor" of world-class quality wines and experience the Tang Dynasty style from the state Chateau high quality Chateau liquor. The scene and quality of the wine in the Tang Dynasty were highly evaluated.

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